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Thursday, August 6, 2009 @ 4:30 PM

been really busy nowadays since i started working.
busy with what?
busy working, going out, dating, parties & so on.

lets talk abt my job first.
i had worked for 2 mths already.
everything is still still alright to me.
i hope things remain & will have peaceful days.
as for the people, i think majority is fine except my AM.
i seriously dun like her, but for the past few days she's still alright.
i think she's busy to care abt us.
as for the others, i think should be no problem.
cos im a friendly person who can clique with anyone! =)

ever since i started working,
i can say im home late everyday. haha.
i know things have to change and cannot keep on going.
if not my health really will breakdown.
im really really really tired! i need a good good rest.
i can even doze off during work, so thats how tired i am.

weekends always fly very very fast.
its like no weekend at all!
i wanna have a good & long holidays pls!!

@ 4:29 PM

basically i have forgotten what i have been doing for the past whole mth.
let me recall..

i went for a makeup class on 12 july.
the theme is evening gown.
the photos are all with jen, have to take from her.

i got my staff pass on 15 july.

talking abt 15 july,
someone went for reservist from 15-20 july.
throw me aside & made me so lonely.

i miss someone im-ing with me during work,
i miss someone to accompany me home,
i miss someone to help me carry bag,
i miss someone to have lunch&dinner with me,
you see!
i miss tt someone so much!! =)
but nevertheless, tt someone still came to find me when he bookout.
thank you. i appreciate it!

went fotang on 22 july!!
a happy day? =D

zilian-ing at pr's house! haha.

and also,
i went for ym & jasper birthdays.
soon it'll be my turn.
really really very soon im gonna be old :(
next week will be cl's turn.
all of us have grown up.
how i wish this is not real.
i wanna stay young. hahaha.
but my heart is always young. =))

talking abt this,
i think im gonna celebrate it on the 29th aug.
so ppl, make urself free on that day k.
you'll be receiving my invitation soon.

@ 3:57 PM

Not only that, i also went to watch a couple of movies.
i watched ice age 3, haunting, harry potter & the hangover.
i watched 4 movies in a month. haha.

For the hangover, i watched as i wanna use off my voucher if not wasted.
its a great show!
super hilarious man!
but u know what?
such a nice great movie, i doze off in the theatre.
i guess im too tired already.
but i was half awake lah.
listened to nonstop laughter inside the theatre.
its really a nice movie anyway,
you wont regret to watch.
someone pls go dl for me k. ty!

recently there's seem to be quite alot of ppl getting sick,
mr hotpants was mc for 2 days :(
rmb to drink more water k!
get well soon,
dun make me worry,
if not later no one accompany me. haha.

i know there will be more upcoming activities.
i wanna go zoo, www, ktv, sentosa & many more!
of cos all these places i have mentioned to alot of ppl.
i didnt forget my friends!
bernie, yf&gang, 188 mate, nini & many more!
Hope you guys are doing fine & great!!
meet up soon k.
chao! =D

Sunday, July 5, 2009 @ 8:52 PM

im feeling emo now.
i dunno why either.
somehow i couldnt control my feelings,
and couldnt control my tears.
sometimes some things do not found out is better.
i dunno why people around me are all becoming like that.
im really disappointed.
people, dun ask me anything.
i wont say!
i really feel like scolding vulgar now.

can i treat it as nothing happen?
hopefully yes!
i really dun understand why,
when ppl have something going on,
they can still pretend nothing happen when they saw each other.
pls dun have more of this!
i cant take it anymore!
especially friends around me.
but dunno why i can still treat them as my friends?
maybe cos im too soft-hearted?
should i be heartless at times?

ok lets talk on something happier.
i saw dresses that i like,
i wanna buy and i will buy.
anyway ytd reached home at 6am,
really long long time didnt stay out so late.

i wanna go k badly!!!
wanted to go since few weeks back.
i wanna vent everything out and enjoyed myself!
i really wanna go!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009 @ 4:42 PM

tired tired im so tired!
slp for full 12 hours. haha.
from 230am-230pm. shiok!
i'm so used to sleeping late & waking up late.
this week's been a bit late than usual for work.
but still ok i think, not too late though.

wednesday went centre.
there's a small nutrition talk.
the speaker was quite funny & handsome too =)
made everyone laugh & me laughed non-stop.
my sis was being called last min up for sharing.
someone was also went up for sharing, i thought someone would come.

thursday went home.
got the intention of walking home from cck.
started walking and i turned back again when i saw a bus came,
who knows its not my bus.
then no mood to walk liao.
anyway, i've cleared my debts! =)
at least no more debts.
i hate debts!
no matter is i owe ppl or ppl owe me.
for those who will return still fine with me,
but for those who wont return, i had my lessons.

yesterday went lot one with hotpants.
he ytd half day, ps me =(
but i have to get used to work without him.
cos he will be going reservist in july =((
throw me alone. sad.
but after work, he came to find me.
shld i feel gan dong or treat as u nothing to do?

walked around,
ate roti prata with veg curry =)
its far better than marina one.
i love to eat prata with curry. shiok!
went arcade to look for find it,
but dun have =(
i miss playing it.
shopped around,
bought 1 top & a belt.
the belt is special to me sia.

bought 2 polo tees,
but not i pay.
someone offered to pay.
but i rejected.
so pls, accept my money k!
but he also rejected my money. =(
i'll continue to pester u to accept.

walked home,
slacked at cc mac,
and head home.
really tired ever since working life started.
gonna get used to it.
sian ah!

someone met ah gua ytd. lol.
made him took cab home when reach dhoby ghaut.
next time go home early lah!!

JIN :)
20 :D
31 AUGUST 1988 :D
Clementi ITE :D
With love, ♥

♥ Cravings
- I want own room.
- A laptop
- Digital cam
- Long hair!
- Dye my hair
- More tops
- More bottoms
- More dress
- More money!!

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